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September 2012

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Clumber Spaniels in Australia and New Zealand

The Clumber Spaniel was first introduced to Australia in 1883. The original brace came direct from Clumber Park and provided progeny to establish the breed in New Zealand as well. Further imports came near the turn of the century and again in the 1920s, 1950s and 1980s in particular. The early arrivals were mainly kept for field work, later ones essentially for exhibition. In the late 1950s David Irving imported the famous KCC(Aust)Ch Thornville Swim who established the breed here as a great show dog - capable of working too. Swim was awarded Best Exhibit in Show at her debut here and was dam of another Best in Show winner KCC.Ch Erinveine Gleam.
Show Results
Australia's first Clumber Spaniel Club CLUMBER SPANIEL LEAGUE VICTORIA
Australia and New Zealand's own Clumber Spaniel Forum
Erinveine Clumbers, est 1958
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