We held the Symposium first, see separate report.

Friday night offered a barbeque, Obedience Championship and Coco�s Retrieving Cup and we almost made it without any rain! The sudden weather shifts in this region, we would really get to experience over the weekend …

The obedience championship had a record number of participants, 13 dogs! Ten of them were Swedish and the rest were participants from England and Holland. It was CH Mingla’s Paradis-Oskar, owner Charlotte Lundberg, who eventually won, the runner up was Merrows Colosseum and owner Johan L�vqvist and the third place went to the English dog CH Abbyford Taw and his owner Jackie Crawford.

Cocos Retrieving Cup had fifteen participants and the object to retrieve this year was naturally a candy cane coming from the local producers!
The fastest retrieve was made by “Malla” – Sugar Loaf Non Violence, grandson of founder dog Cocos. She won over her grandfather “Knott” (Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut) by only 6 seconds! Please note that the candy cane was intact when it came back to the handler!

On Saturday it was time for our first official show where challenges were offered. The judge today was Karin Brostam – Berglund, Clumber owner since 1976 and breeder with the prefix Don’s.

We also had two prospective judges in the ring, Mia Sandgren – who for many years was show secretary on our Club show and Kjell Svensson – known SSRC personlaity.

Both have over the years shown great interest in our breed and we welcome them as judges. Nice again to see Bosse Blomqvist in a Clumber context, this weekend show secretary on both days. He was a breeder with the prefix Frejakalgens and was involved in the breed for many years. This day was just the right exhibition weather, mostly sunny but also some shady clouds.

The day began as always with puppies, this year with only two participants and sisters in a puppy class. Sometimes, it would seem that there are no puppies in the right age to exhibit because they are either too young or they have become juniors. The winner was Sugar Loaf Maya of Tikal (CH Mingla�s Paradis-Oscar x Sugar Loaf Mama Africa) proudly displayed by her new English owner Carol Page.

Junior class males was won by Mingla�s �s Baron (Ch Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan x Abbyford Lady Sudeley), Well presented as always by his owner and breeder Kristina Gagnebeck.

In the intermediate class there were two dogs that received ck (champion quality), winner was Libel Crazy Diamond (Ch Don’s Bric In The Wall x Ch Libel Suspisious Mind) skillfully handled by the breeder and owner Anita Sjostrom Andersen. It was also becoming a good finish a little later for him namely second best male and CAC. In second place was Don’s Big Bang (Ch Don’s Bohemian Rhapsody x Traddles Estella), owner of Victoria Larsson Grabs.

Open Class was won by the Australian-born Englishman Ch Erinveine Exonerate For Abbyford (Ch Abbyford Taw x Ch Erinveine Unanimous), owner Jackie Crawford, England. He was awarded the ck and finally fourth best male.

Then it was time for the always impressive champion class where it was 12 dogs entered and many of the dogs previously have nice gains with the group and BIS wins. Winner was eventually CIE NORDUCH RUSCH EURASIAW-10 Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan, proudly and well handled by her owner Kristina Gagnebeck. The day concluded then that he became best male.

Veteran class had two participants, where the English very well moving AUSTCH VWW-11 Abbyford Taw (Sedgehurst Hawkridge x Abbyford Celebration Cream) won with CK, and later he became the third best male and his son four best male, so their owner Jackie Crawford was very happy. The long car trip from England had really paid up!

Females began with six young ladies, and this class was won by Millijor’s Dancing Queen (Ch Chervoods Snow Runner x Ch Don’s Bestseller), owner and breeder Lillemor Johansson. She was rewarded also with a CK.

Six Clumbers were also shown in the intermediate class and this class showed high quality and all four of them were rewarded with CK. The winner was Libell Always On My Mind (Ch Don’s Bric In The Wall x Ch Libel Suspicious Mind). She then went all the way to the top and was awarded best bitch and got CAC. The happy owner being Victoria Larsson-Grabs and breeders Anita Sjostrom-Andersen and Inger Britt Sjostrom.

We must mention that the working class with the requirement of an official field trial merit, had one participant, Abbyford Lady Sudeley (Sedgehurst Withycombe x Abbyford Celebration schematic), proud owner Kristina Gagnebeck to be over to participate in this class and we hope that she will be joined by others next year?

Open Class was won by Aquatass Miss Sophie (Ch Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan x Westerly Gaels Sweetnes and Light), owner Kristina Gagnebeck. She was awarded with CC and finished in an honourable fourth place in the best bitch.

It was time to see one of today’s biggest classes, when ten champion bitches entered the ring. The furthest of the champion bitches had traveled was from Croatia and she won, CIE WW-10-07 EUjW KBHV08 DKV10 WW-11 Cheevood Snowsun (Ch Chervoods Snow Runner x Don’s Big Time), owner Lana L�vai. She ended as 2nd best bitch with reserve CAC. A further three got CK, runner up SEU(U)CH Mingla�s Prusseluskan (Ch Vishnu Talu Clusexx Del Cypres x Sugar Loaf Old Faithful), owner Kristina Gagnebeck, ended up as third best bitch.

Veteran class was won by SEU(U)CH Clodhoppers Skip Timer (CH Clussexx Billy Goat Gruff x Welladays Windsor Lady), owner Anna Liss-Daniels. She then got to meet the best male veteran in the competition for BOB veteran.

So, time for Best of Breed … and the runner up was “Hjalmar” CIE NORDUCH RUSCH EURASIAW-10 Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan, to make way for the young beauty from the land to the west, the Norwegian born but Swedish-owned “Alva” Libel Always On My Mind.

Congratulations to you all.

Best progeny group went to the SEU(U)CH Don’s Bestseller with owner Lillemor Johansson.

Best breeders became kennel Mingla�s, Kristina Gagnebeck.

The show did end late afternoon, but with sufficient time to get ready for the evening that began with a drink and toast to the day’s winners. The sun was shining and it was a very nice atmosphere. The subsequent dinner was plentiful and good, and where the dessert course was a local tradition �Sm�land� cheesecake.

According to tradition, the evening ended with our famous Clumber auction where there were many great donated items, ranging from paintings to refrigerator magnets. The club wants to thank everyone for all the donated items that always gives a great addition to the club treasury.

When we woke up on Sunday, the weather was the worst. The sky was dark grey, windy and raining.

It turned out to be the wettest Club Show in a long time … but it was the same terms for all and everyone did their best in and outside the rings to keep their spirits up. Anyone who had bathed and blow-dried their dogs quickly saw all their work disappear into the mud.

This day, we had two rings and two judges. The males were judged by Margaret Edman, kennel Clumbrold’s, She is the lady who laid the foundations of the Swedish Clumber when she from England, importing Sweden�s first Clumbers in the late 1960s. She has had many successes in the show ring over the years.

The bitches were judged by Marie-Louise Almgren, kennel Welladay’s, who has had Clumbers since the early 1970s and has also showed with great success both with breeder groups and individual dogs.

All three judges this weekend, are of great importance to our club and what it is today. They were all co-founded the club in 1978 and made sure that from the beginning to lay the foundations for the excellent cooperation, transparency and all activities. It was also fun to see Christina Drottsg�rd (Kennel Moonstruck) as the show secretary, although she has been around since the late 1970s.

The male ring began with two juniors, and this class was won by yesterday’s winner, Mingla�s �s Baron who also was rewarded with an HP (honour prize) and ended up as reserve junior BIS at the end of the day.

The intermediate class, had three participants, and Libel Crazy Diamond won. He won this class the day before and he also received a HP. This day he ended up as a nice reserve best male and BIS reserve youngster, where he was beaten by his sister.

Open class had four participants and the winner was Sugar Loaf Manhattan (Ch Celtics The Hustler x Sugar Loaf Niagara).

And it’s time for giant class again … the Champion Class had 18 dogs entered this day! Another successful dog won, CIE AUCH NORDUCH NORDW SEV-06-06-09 USCH WW-11 Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut (Ch Sugar Loaf Yellowstone x Ch Clumbrold’s Option), owned and bred by Annika �kerman. He received an honorable HP and also went best dog this day. Runner-up in this class, NORDUCH Don’s Blogspot (Ch Clussexx Crayola Crayon x Ch Don’s Bullitproof), owner Gitte Lunde, Norway received HP and finished on a fine third place in best male class.

Two participants were shown in the senior class, the same two from Saturday and the same result. The winner was AUSTCH VWW-11 Abbyford Taw, owner and breeder Jackie Crawford England and second SEVCH SEU(U)CH Vreth�jdens Flugsvamp (Ch S�lleb�cks It’s In His Kiss x Ch Ackarbys Agrippina) owner Eva Masthagen, both with HP. These two seniors were later placed second and fourth in best male class.

“Melker” Vreth�jdens Flugsvamp won best blood tracking male, BIS tracking class and BIS-3 veteran.

Best field trial male and BIS reserve field trial class was SEUCH Westerly Gaels Soft Whisper (Sedgehurst Hawkridge x Ch Don’s Ballroom Blitz), owner Eva Masthagen.

The bitch show ring began with the two puppies, and the result was the same as on the previous day namely, the winner was Sugar Loaf Maya of Tikal. She became BIS puppy since there were no male pups to compete against.

Among the juniors who were five in number, it was the English import Micklemess Sugar’n Spice (Janost Springsteen At Dockwray x Micklemess Buzy Lizzie), owner Annika �kerman who won and was also rewarded with HP. She finished the day nicely becoming BIS junior.

Next class, intermediate class, was a big class with 10 entries. The judge found the quality high and the winning four were awarded HP. The winner was yesterday’s BOB, Libel Always On My Mind, and she went all the way to top this day and was awarded best bitch and finally BIS!

The open class had the same winner as the day before namely Aquatass Miss Sophie and she ended up as second best bitch. Runner-up in this class, Abbyford Lady Sudeley was placed on a fine third place in best bitch and she was today’s only field trial qualified female and became BIS field trial class.

In the champion class the judge found three bitches to be of HP quality and this class was won by the same bitch as the day before, CIE WW-10-07 EUjW KBHV08 DKV10 WW-11 Chervood Snowsun and she was placed on fourth place in best bitch class. Runner-up in this class, SEU(U)CH Clodhoppers White Limousine Driver (Ch Clussexx Crayola Crayon x Clodhoppers Wild In The Wilderness) owner Victoria Larsson-Grabs, later won reserve the best bitch.

The senior class had two participants and winner of the day was SEU(U)CH Clodhoppers Skip Timer, and she also became BIS2 veteran.

We had also one participant in the veteran class, with the honorable old age of 11 years! SEU(U)CH S�lleb�cks Hooked on Feeling, owner Marianne Johansson, who also was placed BIS veteran.

Best blood tracking bitch was NORDW-10 SEVCH NOVCH NORDUCH Spice Twice Breitling (Ch Don’s Bric In The Wall x Spice Twice Cock-A-Hoop) owner Stina Lindstrom.

It was now time for the BIS-final and there was a little break in the relentless rain … The two judges agreed with each other and even with yesterday’s judge. This weekend’s little show queen was, Libel Always On My Mind (left) and to receive the coveted BIS rosette!

If even if we did not see the sun shine at all this day, we saw it shine in the winners, Anita Sjostrom breeder and owner Victoria Larsson-Grabs. Handler, breeder and owner Annika �kerman which did not look too sad when her beloved “Knott” CIE AUCH NORDUCH NORDW SEV-06-06-09 USCH WW-11 Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut received BIS Reserve rosette (right).

Only the groups finals were left to see.
Best progeny group became, after the male CIE NORDUCH RUSCH EURASIAW-10 Mingla�s Gubben I L�dan.
Best breeders group went this day to kennel Sugar Loaf, Annika �kerman.

By now, everyone was mud “up to the ears”. The photographers had worked hard this very wet day but were unable to document everything. We have to blame the rain that there are so few pictures taken on Sunday! But one thing was very clear, never have we had muddier winners!

Finally a big thank you to everyone who had put in many hours of work to get this weekend to work, to all the sponsors, to all of you who donated so many prizes, Motel V�tterleden for excellent service and friendly welcome, not least to everyone who came and participated in all activities!