OK, perhaps I will be organized enough to do one of these each issue, but in any case I am sure you have material you could share with readers too!

Let’s start with one from the archives of Ann Moon (Deanway), it is a cropped enlargement from Ann’s photo taken sometime between 1960 and 1965 and on the left is Shirley Hickman with Beechwood’s Surprise (a very important stud dog in the history of Clumbers) and on the right Dr Dorothy Gibbs’ and her Masons Heather

Next is an advert from a general dog book, and features the White Seal, he vanished from the Clumber world with no lasting genetic impact, but Miss Bible was legendary.

Back to more recent times, a snippet from Dog World paper 19 Sep 2003

This is one Peggy Grayson’s forthright pieces from Dog World (22 Sep 91), still an interesting read.

I found this photo of a painting on Ebay, about the time Ricky Blackman was researching her Clumber art book (as far as I know still unpublished) , so I was a bit surprised to actually win the auction! I haven’t dated the photo, it should be possible from the photographers name, and as to the actual painting – who knows! A job for retirement.

Best of Breed Sydney Royal 1991, was the UK import Steelydan Angus Young, one litter, no surviving descendants.

Another of the dozens of photos that appeared in the dog press when Ch Raycroft Socialite went Best in Show at Crufts in 1991, this one is from Koiramme March 1991 which is produced by the Finish Kennel Club

A gem of a greeting card, quite large, the painting is by famous wildlife artist Pollyanna Pickering (UK), the card came to me Christmas 1993 from Rae Furness.

This little trade card I spotted in a catalogue in 2002, it was listed as a St Bernard, I was outbid at �7- so I don’t have anymore detail

Back to the Christmas theme, the OranPark Clumbers (1960s) in the USA produced this as a Christmas greeting, it is a sprig of holy laid over the pencil print by Maude Earle and photographed – this one was sent to John Bell, who passed it on to us after we lost all our Clumber archives in the 1983 bushfires.