Again, I am overwhelmed by the beautiful dogs and fabulous photos that have been submitted in this Facebook group – I knew I would never have the patience to transfer all the photos, so decided to try to limited one pic from each subscriber – almost succeeded! But then again, I have worked hard on this issue and contemplated only including ten or so as I am now rather tired – you are right, I succumbed, there are 24!

Love Clumbers, treat them right, honour their heritage, and ENJOY!


Vesna Marko Misha Popadic Today is one year since our Mima came from Spain to Serbia and brought something new into our lives. We thank Mrs. Stanislava Forejtov� (Kennel Siol Fantazia) and Mr. Agustin Costa Fontan

Chervood’s Snow Pandora Of Knott~ CAMI ♥ � with Chervood Kennel.

Ruth Shepherdson : Etheridge Pheobe with best pal Lucy Vizla .. 🙂


Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels Pearly Mae catnapping……. shhhhh………

Leevi – Anneli Neuvonen

Olga Soboleva

Boomer Boy – Michelle Koban

Nina Johnsr�d – Clumbers can do it all!
Walter from a water rescue test, competing withe the big guys (newfies) 😉
Nvch int nord uch ww-10 Don’s Super Solid Tank

Annika �kerman – Sugar Loaf Celibris winning BIS Puppy at SSRK Moheda. Judge Therese Johansson

Grażyna Czajkowska – Teddy 🙂

Susan Teniswood – Eat your heart out Dumbo the elephant! Scarlett (Ch Boroniahil Epiphany) and Fabian (Ch Boroniahil Balthazar) are cleared for take-off as the wind picks at the the Brighton Kennel Club’s St Patricks Day Show 🙂 � in Pontville, Tasmania.

Britt-Marie Olsson

Natasa Davidovic CIARA 12 months ♥

Steve Loveridge – Really, I want to be a show Clumber, have I got the stance right 🙂 Never mind the coat, yeh I know it’s not perfectly clean but hey…..

Connie Renard Bendtsen – Daarbjerg Von Sisi/ Sisse

Olga Soboleva – kennel LAKRITEL, EURASIA 2012

Jenny Arber – Dexter (Sh Ch Brauncewell Beamish) Best in Show at his first show in France

Marija Vojnovic – Cutti Do Meco – Mima when she was little! ♥ I love this picture,a moment of true love ♥

Torrenbar Clumber Spaniels – Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne (imp Swe) relaxing at home!!

Hetty Lindeboom – Retrieving a duck…..

Ewa Knuplerz – My sweet Wilma 🙂

Simone Hinck

Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels – “Golden Heart’s Somebody To Love”, Gidget @ 7 1/2 weeks old