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Dog Short Story & Poetry Competition

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In 2004, I decided to offer an annual dog short story & poetry competition again, as I was still receiving entries for the Top Dog Journal competition five years after closing that publication!

for the time being I am closing this competition as I have other projects requiring my attention

The annual closing date is 1st September
































As from now, there is a new streamlined process for entering :-) The entry fee is to cover our administration costs (including promotion.

We accept entries 

Index to the competition


common entry notes:

(terms & conditions!)

    1. entries must be about and feature dog/s

    2. entries may be non-fictional or fictional
    3. any reader level entries are welcome, please indicate if they are child reading level and approximate age
    4. previously published material is accepted provided there are no current restrictions on publication from the earlier publisher, please indicate where and when the material was published so credit can be included if your entry is selected for our collection
    5. all rights remain with the author with the sole exception / Erinrac Enterprises has the option to publish any finalists/winners on their website/s and within a winner's compilation book or in any magazines or results announcements Erinrac Enterprises publishes but if published the author will be notified and full credit to the author will be given
    6. / Erinrac Enterprises reserves the right to appoint judges at their sole discretion
    7. the judge/s decision is final and absolute, no communications will be entered into
    8. Judges will be dog folk
    9. the Story & Poetry competition is open to all countries
    10. all entries must be in English
    11. Entries CLOSE (ie have to be with the Competition Steward) on 1st SEPTEMBER each year
    12. Results should be posted on or about NOVEMBER 30th each year
    13. A book of the winners should be available for purchase on or about JANUARY 15th each year, but usually in time for Christmas of the compettion year
    14. overlong entries will not be judged
    15. foul, smuty, or dirty language or racism, encouraging or condonning cruelty or bad practices, etc entries will NOT be judged and entry fees are forfeited
    16. no story or poetry style restrictions or requirements apply except for length and bad language or themes
    17. prize money may be allocated from a percentage of the entry fees
    18. entry fees are charged to cover administration costs, setup and publication of the book of winners, judge's renumeration, promotion, and prize money
    19. if significant entries are received then sections will be introduced
    20. entries are accepted throughout the year - entries received after the closing date are held for the next competition
    21. You can pay for several entries by one author at a time - but you need to pay separately for each author
    22. no late entries will be judged, they will be carried over to the next competition
    23. format and contents required for the entry statement are below

  • Story special conditions
    1. must not exceed 1500 words including those little words typists used not to count like the, that, it, etc

  • Poetry special conditions
    1. most not exceed 50 lines


Online Submissions

  • You need to 'register' - but that is free!

  • Once you register, we'll email you your password.
  • once you are ready to enter, you need to pay before submitting your entry.
  • login & lodge your entry,
    edit and tidy it up,
    pay for it,
    record your receipt number, that's it!

    The structure of the service means all you need to do to enter is cut & paste your entry into our online application form - how simple is that!

Click here to register.                     Already registered, click here, to enter, etc.

Postal entries

    • are to be sent to 

            note the change of address - effective 2007!

            Dog Short Story/Poetry Competition 
            Erinrac Enterprises
            PO Box 313
            UPPER BEACONSFIELD 3808

    • they must be received in the mail box by 5pm on the closing date (1st September) - allow at least 14 days for worldwide airmail delivery

    • Entry fees and release declaration (entry statement) must accompany the entry, for postal submissions
      • fee is AUD$15- per entry * **
      • if you do not have an email address and you wish to receive postal notification of results and/or a receipt, then you must include an extra AUD$5-
      • Mastercard or Visa 
      • AUD$ cheque or money order payable to Erinrac Enterprises

        * a higher fee applies to cover administration and scanning costs
        ** Australian residents this includes GST you do not need to send more!

    • entries must be 

      • if possible include a short biography of yourself on a separate piece of paper
      • typewritten or equivalent in plain font/type (eg Times New Roman, Arial)
      • on A4 or letter size paper only (white paper!)
      • on one side of the paper only
      • one and a half or double space
      • dot matrix printer or worn typewritter ribbon will not be judged
      • you must included a signed & completed copy of the entry statement          
      • no entries will be returned, the originals you submit will be destroyed after scanning

    Tips, Hints & Ideas

    We're looking for a realistic or believable,
    easy to read entry - your English does not have to be top grade, just readable!

    We are after

    • talent and flair,
    • something with a new angle to it,
    • not a repeat or re-told tale.
    • Smug and conceited writing is unlikely to appeal.
    • Trust in yourself and write from your heart.
    • Use your language in a clean, bright and vital manner,
    • avoid being dull or dogmatic.

    If you love dogs we're sure you won't be stuck for inspiration!

    Or why not check out previous winners and finalists - check the results page or buy some of the older books (check the dog book section)!



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