A full and fun packed issue, although I have been sadly let down by big promises, there are no interviews this time – I can’t keep readers waiting any longer.

I am not sure if everyone is really that busy, or if they find the questions just too ‘in depth’, if the latter, hmmm, perhaps it is time for us all to review what we know and feel about the breed before doing any more breeding, because the questions, you have all seen in earlier interviews, aren’t that intense. I could ask much more searching questions.

On the matter of breeding do take a look through the report by Dr Roe Froman, Lotta Olsson’s report on the symposium, and also Dr John Armstrong’s article; my own article on COI I have carried over as I put quite a bit of time into getting the stamp article ‘to press’ for this issue.

Anyway, it is as it is, and it is a diverse and interesting issue, and welcome to Dr Bryan Freeman who (hopefully!) will have more articles to share with us.

Happy and Healthy Clumbering!


This issue features
Abbyford V�ttern
from the UK, at the Swedish International Symposium events 2011
photo by Hans Arne Paulsen http://www.hansarnefoto.net


I took the couple of ‘waiting for the interviews not to turn up’ days to do my calendar for 2012, see