I do love getting this magazine together – what I find a drain, and I rarely mention as it happens after getting the magazine ready for printing, is the printing and packing. It is a long, boring, very costly enterprise in time and dollars. I, too, dearly love to hold the magazine in my hands, but the time has come, to take the quarterly printed edition to an annual format. But to keep the content fresh and rolling in throughout the year, I am going to offer all subscribers online access to the stories as they appear, with many stories on open access even to non-subscribers.
This change will also mean we get more stories in or readily accessed! Yet again, I have not had room for a number of great pieces sitting there waiting to be published. The cost of postage and printing limits the magazine (while it is not attracting advertising) to the 36 pages – online publication is not nearly so restrictive!
I have mused over this for three months, in fact, I emailed all online subscribers about the idea last issue – the majority were happy to support this idea.
So what happens, and what will be the online format? I will write up and publish stories as they are received or I get time – in standard browser format – which means even dial up internet users will be able to readily access them – they will be just like webpages with quick upload. The best of these stories will also (behind the scenes) be put into book/magazine format and those will be collated once a year into a �book� that can be printed on demand and bought – so you have your book in your hand. The annual book will also be available to non-subscribers through Amazon etc. It is my intention on the current calculations to offer a full colour book, once a year, with a minimum of 120pp, but probably more. I will also offer international Clumber story, photo, and art competitions – with the competitions becoming part of the book.
This issue will be the last quarterly printed issue.
As I am still finalizing format, etc, I ask those with internet access to EMAIL me and I will set up online access to the �locked� private areas of the magazine website, if you don�t already have that access. Outstanding credit on subscriptions will be applied to your online access.
If you aren�t online, please send me a letter and I will mail you details of how to order the book when it is published. If you have credit on your subscription for more quarterly issues, this credit can be transferred towards the new annual format.