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Welcome, these pages will be developed over time, but are provided now as a brief introduction

My plan is to have a suite of pages featuring my work and any items currently available will be listed in the store, fromt he store there should be links to items for sale that feature my paintings
As from July 2008, I will be offering select images on the huge variety that has to offer

I have chosen Zazzle after much testing as they have superb reproduction techniques and good and reliable turnaround times on production
they don't offer the cheapest prices or the cheapest delivery, but the quality is unsurpassed

at this stage I am not accepting commissions

currently I plan to concentrate on Clumber Spaniels and I do dragons for my 'light relief'

As of July 2008, I have also invested in the longevity of all originals by only employing tested and proven premium quality paints with light fast pigments, and will only use equally longlife paper

I started painting decades ago, as a child. My first moment of glory was winning the school painting class at Berwick & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society (Australia's oldest ag society), no one was more surprised than me! The painting featured a brown thoroughbred winning a race - on very, very vibrant green turf. This, like all my early work was lost in the Ash Wednesday bushfires. That show was while I was still attending Harkaway State School.
Obviously I dabbled a bit more over the years, but when I was in middle level high school I had a painitng of a Rhode Island Red rooster on a corner fence post, crowing, he claimed me thrid prize in the High Schools competion painting class at the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria's Royal Melbourne Show. These have been my main two winners, I do recall collecting a placing or more at the local Pakenham Art Show for a year or two, and even a sale which was more fabulous. But apart from a few birds painted post 1983, book illustrations, and the like, I have had very little time to practice my art properly. I need to add information on the following past projects

* The Puppy Book
* Gundog series
* The Secret of the Dragon
* previous birds etc
* previous commissions

Until 2008, then I made the decision to do so!

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