Ch Nexus Locksley Point of No Return. Was Best of Breed (BIS) under judge Richard Byrd at the Clumber Spaniel Fanciers of Michigan�s Specialty on Sept 3, 2010. Turner is owned by Kassandra Hamaker and James Fankhauser and he was bred by Merri Van Dyke and Jim Bader. Turner is out of Ch Nexus You Belong To Me and is sired by Ch Shoguns Nonsuch Tradition.


Best of Breed: Ch Clussexx Last Lion (d) Date of Birth: September 21, 2007
Breeder: Douglas Johnson & Kellie Holbrook & Wayne Holbrook
Sire: Ch Cannonbrooks Greek Drachma
Dam: Ch Clussexx Cell Block Tango
Owner: Marilyn Jacobs & Jennifer Donnely-Schoffstall


American readers will no doubt recall the splendid Clumber painting by Connie Townsend featured on the CSCA Bulletin cover one issue last year – Canine Collectables Courier will feature an interview with Connie in April 2011!


Carol Lea Dawson points readers to an alternative flea control, based on the more natural cedar oil preparation, see http://www.cedarcidestore.com/Bad_Spot_Drops.html


Best of Breed American Spaniel Club January 2011, USGrCh Clussexx See You Later Alligator. co-owner Tracey Garvey also has a video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd3CMN7ld48


The American Kennel Club Health Foundation now have an email newsletter, “e-Barks, the e-mail newsletter of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. In 2011, there will be six issues of this newsletter. We look forward to sharing the latest in canine health research with you.”.
From the first issue,
Health Tracks: Subaortic Stenosis
Marley was barely eight-weeks old in 2008 when his veterinarian heard a severe heart murmur in the hound-mix�s chest. Marley�s owner, Debbie Suttles, was referred to Herbert Maisenbacher, VMD, at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. After Maisenbacher confirmed the diagnosis of severe subaortic stenosis (SAS), a congenital heart disease, he told Suttles about a study funded by an AKC Canine Health Foundation grant. Cardiology Chief Amara Estrada, DVM, was exploring a new procedure to treat SAS. Read the great results Marley and other dogs with SAS have had with the procedure.
Featured Grant: Treatment of Canine Allergy
Dr. Bruce Hammerberg of North Carolina State University has received a grant from the AKC Canine Health Foundation to develop a canine equivalent of Xolair�, a new, safe and effective therapy for human allergy sufferers. Read more about this grant.
Health Tips: Noise Phobia in Dogs
Noise phobia is an excessive fear of a sound that results in the dog attempting to avoid or escape from the sound. It’s an irrational, intense and persistent fear response that can develop at any age and in any dog breed. Learn more about noise phobia and how to handle it in dogs.


New editor for the Clumber Spaniel Club Nederland’s club magazine is Linda de Ruiter info@clumber-spaniel.nl


There are a few Clumber groups on Facebook, the new Svenska Clumber Spaniel Forumet is one that is very active (70 members) and some superb photos are posted. For those shy of their Swedish (like me!) try Google’s translation services.


As of January 2012, a Clumber gaining its 3rd cc will need to be examined by a Kennel Club certified vet before being able to claim its show champion title. The inspection is to ascertain if the dog is sound and not exhibiting exaggerations or diseases like entropion. Inspection will also be required before a Clumber (and 14 other nominated breeds) can compete at group level at championship shows. Details are available from the Kennel Club.


The fourth quarter 2010 newsletter of the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation is now available from their website.
Several fundraising projects have been run or are under way.


Today was an unusually nice sunny day in December here in normally rainy Oregon. Darrell decided to go hunting with Alexus while I finished up some Holiday errands and mailing off Best of Breed show entries for her, all our hunting dogs are show dogs.

More or less in his words, he drove to an area that has heavy brush, berries, and a creek near the side road. A perfect scenario to find quail. Soon he heard Alexus yelping, and she was trying to drag something that was black and the size of a large rat..

He recognised it as a bobcat trap (because it was smaller than a coyote trap), a trap that is legal in this area. The trap was tied to a log with a steel cable. Darrell has had other dogs caught in traps and was not overly concerned as he knew there is space in the jaws of the trap so it does not completely close. It’s designed NOT to break bones, essentially do no damage at all. But that does not make it less scary for me when I was told the story!

Alexus was crying and scared, her toes were caught, she was twisting her legs, he grabbed her by the ears so she could not bite him as he tried to open up the trap. The trap has two steps or springs that a person steps on to release. He had to step on both springs to release her and it took four tries while she was fighting him.
After the trap was opened, with apparently no ill effects on her foot, she wagged her tail, looked at him as if to ask-what did I do wrong? She proceeded to wiggle and waggle.

The two of them got back into the van to drive home and tell me about the exciting news and what did they see? A bobcat running down the road!

(Trap hunting is legal, the traps and trappers have regulations to abide by, including signs that there are traps in the vicinity.)

UK TRIAL 17 DEC 2011

The WCSS trial was held today at Spye Park , Wiltshire. A wonderful site for a trial , the ground, birds were everything that could have been asked for. The judges had a sense of humour and seemed to enjoy their day and the Guns did an excellent job to keep the dogs busy. Am sure that all those who attended had a wonderful time, even if their dogs weren’t in the placings. Will update the website with photos later!

1st place was not given, 2nd was the Cadwells Jubiwell Phoenix (Sussex) and 4 weeks in whelp! 3rd Valerie Maskells Coedcollen Snow of Mervalyn (Clumber) 4th Ron James’ Sedgehurst Netherstowey (brought out of retirement !) Guns Choice – Debbie Zuricks Sedgehurst Tempest. 15 dogs ran – one dog was absent.

Jackie Crawford