from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)

Reader level: learner to intermediate
Review of content/advice: My complements to the author. While she recommends on occasion things I would not dream of doing, and the layout could be better, this book is packed with excellent, sound, proven, and workable advice. It is more a patch up list of options then a day to day training manual for a pup – but that is the type of book most will be looking for. Who doesn’t suddenly realize they have done something silly in the past and now we reap the benefits of that lack of foresight. (review by: Jan Irving 2009-01-17)
the author’s website states
Covers five-minute and 10-second teaching techniques
Presents 15 exercises to discover how your dog thinks
Describes playSMART: a smart way to teach dogs through dog-friendly positive teaching methods
Uses food lures to teach behaviors such as: focus, sit, down, come, stay, stand, and leash-walking
Details how to solve common behavior problems such as: barking, mouthing, chewing, digging, fear, house soiling, hyperactivity, ignoring you, jumping, and leash pulling
Explains bodySMART: a smart way to touch your dog to relieve stress

Do I suggest you buy it? Yes

Table of Contents:
1 Stop, Look, Listen, Sniff, and Move: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection
2 A Dog is a Dog, Is a Dog…
3 How Easily Do Dogs Learn? Fifteen Exercises to Understand Your Dog’s Mind and Four Exercises to Understand Your Influence.
4 Seven Qualities of Successful Dog Handlers
5 Play Smart: Happy Dogs Learn Faster
6 Removing the Mystery from Dog Training
7 Five Minutes a Day: Focus, Sit, Down, Walk, Stay, Come, Stand
8 Solve Behavior Programs: Barking, Biting, Chewing, Digging, Fear Responses, House Soiling, Hyperactivity, Ignores You, Jumping, Leash Pulling
9 Friends for Life
10 Equipment