This rather impressive book is subtitled “An Owner’s Guide to Diabetes Mellitus, Pancreatitis, Cushing’s Disease, and More” but you know what – it is a really useful refresher course in general digestive organs too.
Unfortunately the notes on the diseases and treatments become a bit fussy and overwhelming, mainly because the range of options vets can now offer clients, but sometimes the sections become a bit sketchy too. However, this is a book that will help an owner sought out the maze of information a vet is likely to present a client. Treatments are evolving, and some just aren’t available in all countries, so if you aren’t an North American resident keep that in mind.

The real value of this book is for vets to offer it to their clients, particularly if they follow the protocol for any of the diseases listed above.
There is an outstanding section on where and how to inject (particularly for the diabetic dog receiving insulin shots) with good written detail and some excellent photos. Levin also discusses overcoming your own fears in drug administration and those of your dog’s.
The book does present a very strong view against using commercial dog foods, and the increased incidence of these types of autoimmune diseases in dogs since the wholesale use of commercial diets in the dog world. Levin is passionate about feeding a raw diet but does make suggestions for owners who cannot do so.
An intriguing book, packed with good (although sometimes generalized) information and surely a essential reference for anyone facing the task of maintaining the health and vitality of a dog afflicted with diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, and/or Cushing’s syndrome.
Published 2001
Voted DWAA Maxwell Award Winner Best Healthcare Book 2001
Available from the publisher
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