‘To be a successful handler you need to have endless patience and understading, as well as a natural affinity with animals” Liz Cartledge in the Foreword.

subtitled the Complete guide on how to show your dog
published by Ringpress Books 1990 (UK)

The subtitle is quite an overstatement, but the book is easily read and does offer some sound basic advice and comments particularly from the Junior Handlers’ judges perspective. There is a an excellent photographic array of how to do the real basics of handling, but the fine arts and finesse necessary to win in more modern times is definitely lacking.

While there are many anecdotes from successful past Junior Handlers these are really rather shallow and perhaps the reader will gain more by looking closely into the photos of these winners of the past.

The chapter on dress is excellent and could well be adopted for adult handler too.

The author is a professional handler with lots of US and UK experience, particularly with the Bearded Collie, and also has judged extensively.

The book is valuable for its review of the history of Junior Handling in the USA and particularly its evolution in the UK.
Not an astounding revelation on the subject, it is still of value and a very easy read. =