from THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK by Jan Irving (2015)

Reader level: all, particularly good for obedience triallers
Review of content/advice: Wow, this is a breath of fresh air, and if you happen to be keen on doing obedience trials, the exercises are built up along the skeleton of the American Kennel Club obedience trials, which I guess have changed a little since the book was written in 1980 but the underlying exercise concepts will still be there.
This is a refreshing read and so applicable to all dogs and such fun to do … play time! How good (cool!) is this?
Burnham’s own dogs are sighthounds, not the most typical of obedience dogs. And you are encouraged to chatter to your dog, suits many of us. Lovely, salient comments, and rewarding comments such as ‘Why disobedience is not’. She has since written another title I haven’t read yet, Treats, Play, Love
Do I suggest you buy it? yes
Table of Contents:
The heart of playtraining – how to create the dog you want
Forming the partnership between dog and handler the Novice Class exercises
Happiness is a well trained dog The Open Class exercises
The Superclass for almost every dog the Utility Class exercises
The Inner Winner in the ring How to be a winner no matter what happens