Well, well, this is an interesting read, for the experienced exhibitor and official. For the novice or someone thinking about showing, perhaps it is a bit too true to inspire the new blood to continue, and a show is only as good as its exhibits and to have exhibits a show needs exhibitors. Sub-titled “A Humorous and Informative Look at the Sport of PURE-DOG Dogs”, Grossman in this first edition provides an entertaining, although not side splitting, look at the diverse fields of dog exhibition, from getting a first purebred dog as a show aspirant, finding out about shows, choosing a professional handler, campaigning, advertising, breeding, and yes, evolution lead to considering whether to undertake judging.

The serious minded will delighted in quotable quotes chapter after chapter. The scientific and veterinary management (in the 1985 edition) are dated and often out of practice. The advice on advertising is still sound, and the comments on the role of the judge are still excellent.

The chapter on sportsmanship will bring a wry smile to judges and competitors, stewards will love it!

The book is backed with whimsy and light banter for the experienced dog exhibitor and official, but the show stoppers are the luscious full colour illustrations by Joseph Murray. =