There is a rather flash intro and summing up, but essentially this is a video of a presentation by Sarah Kalnajs. That said, despite the associated lighting challenges, Sarah has included a wad of video taped examples of dog behaviours/actions/reactions. The material is from her experiences in shelters and assessments of dogs, it does not translate directly to the everyday dog in the home environment. It is not a dictionary or lexicon about words to use with dogs, but what whacking great signals they try to impart to us to explain their mood and likely next action.

What I found particularly interesting is how much most people don’t see ‘in’ their dog’s responses to the environment and situations, the impact we are having on the dog. So, afterall I have a few years experience behind me (with essentially non-distressed dogs), I learned that important point. This video will be of benefit to most owners. For me also, it made me realize the cataclysmic state some dogs are in when they are presented to shelters or ‘rescued’. The video also help reinforce signals I know I pick up on, but also highlighted ones I may have been a bit slack in recognizing.
So I do recommend you view this 2 hours & 12 minutes.