What a corker of a book – great information, well presented with quality photos, and the best of cartoons by Vansweden. This title is for the groomer with some experience and presented with the challenge of different breeds to groom.

Verplank, who has been grooming for over twenty years, has summarized the basics of grooming any breed to the five regions of overall style, head style, ear style, foot style, and tail style. She provides excellent black and white photos of approaches, results, and finishes. While peppered throughout is the grand humour and work of Vansweden in her cartoons and her superb pencil drawings.

Perhaps the truth of grooming lies in the back cover remark :”Its about simplicity”, and life and our chores in it will all benefit by this approach if executed with compassion and skill, which Theory of 5 allows.

A huge number of breeds are discussed, the text is short and concise, and clear, while the illustrations keep you on track.

The book does assume basic skills in shear/scissor and clipper handling, grooming and bathing, but even so there are still a few more tips on these areas for particular jobs. It’s greatest strength lies in expanding your knowledge of other breeds and how to produce a beautifully groomed dog from that enormous collection. It is aimed at the pet grooming market, but as exhibition owners are often asked to groom pet dogs this book will be of immense value to show owners too.

An excellent book, very nicely produced.

available from the publishers White Dog Enterprises
this copy donated to the VCA Library by the author and publishers