twenty basic but sound tips and helping your dog enjoy summer!

1. The dog run should be shaded with shade cloth and/or fast growing vines, for example pumpkins or chokos.
2. Sand, earth and grass runs should be kept constantly damp to prevent them becoming dustbowls. The dampness will help to keep the dog/s cool and discourage fleas.
3. A tough shrub in the dog run under which the dog can lie; this may be in a tub or in the ground.
4. Check the kennel temperature at all times for times of intense heat. If it is hot give it more shade and some roof insulation.
5. Exercise the dog/s after dark and in the early morning.
6. Use sunscreen with insect repellent on the dog’s ears and nose.
7. White dogs and dogs with light coloured skin should be kept out of the summer sun.
8. A shallow toddler’s wading pool is often much appreciated.
9. Water supply should be fresh and cool at all times. It should be constant. Elaborate methods of fixing the water dish/bucket may need to be implemented.
10. Brush and comb daily to keep the skin clean, cool and aerated.
11. Ensure the dog has access to a snug, dry, draught free bed in case of sudden weather changes.
12. Check dog/s for overheating. This is expressed by excessive panting, prior to cessation of panting when heat stroke (sun stroke) sets in.
13. Concrete and other impervious runs should be wet down regularly to moisturize the atmosphere and to cool the surface.
14. Do not take the dog/s out in the car unnecessarily.
15. Never, never leave dogs in parked cars even for short periods.
16. All food should be moist and in a heat wave easily digestible.
17. Neither food nor drink should be iced. It should be cool, but not iced.
18. There should be darkened areas for the dog to lie in away from flies.
19. The dog area should be well ventilated and it should catch any cool breeze. It should be protected from the hot northerlies.
20. Pig waterers (such as Lixitr) do not provide adequate water for dogs. Dogs need to be able to put their mouths and often their whole muzzles into their water supply.=